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  • Tom Messina

NEW! Introducing Massage Therapy at Mountaintop Acupuncture

Massage therapist stretching a patient's neck.

Tom Messina specializes in treating sports injuries and neck issues. His hallmark is his exceptional care and customization of techniques. He offers stand-alone massage, or a combination of acupuncture and massage.


The Synergy of Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

Acupuncture and massage therapy each offer distinct benefits for pain management. When combined, their effects are amplified, providing a comprehensive treatment that addresses both the symptoms and the root causes of pain.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Sports Injuries

Athletes and active individuals often face sports-related injuries like muscle strains and joint pain. Massage therapy can:

· Reduce Muscle Soreness: Eases stiffness and soreness, improving recovery and performance.

· Enhance Flexibility: Keeps muscles supple and joints flexible, preventing injuries.

· Speed Recovery: Improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage, promoting faster healing.

· Break Down Scar Tissue: Enhances mobility and reduces discomfort.


Addressing Neck Issues with Massage Therapy

Neck pain often results from poor posture, stress, or injury. Massage therapy can:

· Relieve tension and stress that underlie headaches and pain

· Improve posture by addressing and correcting muscle imbalances

· Reduce chronic neck pain by releasing tight muscles

· Increase muscle and joint mobility and range of motion, making everyday activities more comfortable


Adding massage therapy to our acupuncture practice enhances our commitment to providing comprehensive care. We look forward to helping you achieve your health goals with our integrated healing approach. You can call (303) 888-5764 to get started, or contact us through the form under "Contact Us."



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